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The Italian Brothers Thinker Lamp Gold

The Italian Brothers Thinker Lamp Gold

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Pick A Brother

Introducing The Thinker Brothers: Exquisite Illumination by the Napoleon-Inspired Family

Elevate your space with the captivating presence of The Thinker Brothers, a collection of five luxurious lamps meticulously crafted as artistic interpretations of individuals deep in contemplation.
Inspired by the iconic pose of "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, each lamp embodies a unique emotion, represented by their distinct Italian names: Chi, Cosa, Quando, Dove, and Perché.

Embrace Chi, the embodiment of serenity and balance, casting a soft glow that creates a calming ambiance in any room.
Cosa emanates curiosity and exploration, with its light revealing hidden depths and illuminating your quest for knowledge.
Quando evokes introspection and mindfulness, its gentle radiance encouraging moments of reflection and contemplation.
Allow Dove to grace your space with elegance and grace, exuding a warm, inviting glow that envelops your surroundings.
Lastly, Perché ignites imagination and inspiration, casting a vibrant light that sparks creativity in the heart of any creative space.

These are premium cordless lamps. Each piece weighs around 1200g. Made with an Aluminium Head and Solid Polycarbonate Body.

  • Light: 2700k LED / touch activate with 3 level dim settings
  • Charging: 2 hours charging = 12 hours usage
  • Technical: 5V USB DC Charging / Battery Powered Suitable for Worldwide Use
  • 1 Year Warranty
  1. Chi: 19 x 11 x 12cm
  2. Cosa: 17.5 x 10.5 x 13cm
  3. Quando: 19 x 11 x 11cm
  4. Dove: 19 x 11 x 12cm
  5. Perche: 17.5 x 11 x 15cm

Now available in 2 finishes: Gold or Chrome. All 5 lamps and charging accessories are included in the package.


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Benefits / Features

Benefits / Features:

✔️ Crystal encapsulation for a beautiful, ambient tone
✔️ Wireless functionality
✔️ 3-color temperatures
✔️ Long-lasting battery
✔️ Removable exterior
✔️ Perfect for indoor, outdoor and water-resistant use



  • Material: Stainless Steel Cage, Zinc Alloy (Chrome Plating), Crystal Glass, ABS, Silicon Rubber
  • Size: 9×17.5cm / 3.6×6.9in
  • Weight: 0.65kg / 1.43lb
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Black
  • Waterproof Performance: IP65
  • Color Temperature: 1900-2400K
  • Dimming: 3 stages
  • Power Supply: USB rechargeable
  • Lighting Time: LOW / 200 hours, MID / 100 hours, HIGH / 50 hours
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6V / 5200mA

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, it is! It's designed with an industrial finish to suit rain, cold, snow or sunshine. You can leave it outdoors and light up your patio!

Does it run on battery or can it be charged? If chargeable, how long does the charge last?

It is battery-powered, which means it comes with a charger that you need to charge before it can be used wirelessly.

Time to full charge: 6-8 hours of charging
How long does the charge last: 15-50 hours depending on usage frequency

Is it suitable as a reading light?

Yes, it is! Many customers have reviewed our lamp and loved it for reading or as a night light for work.

Is there a timer installed in the lamp?

There is no timer installed. The light turns off when it runs out of battery or when you turn it off.

Can we replace the bulb when it stops working?

Yes, it is! All our bulbs are efficiently manufactured to last for 2500 hours, after which they need to be replaced.

Does it need to be charged in at all times or is it wireless?

It can be used completely wirelessly after it has been charged. It can also be used while charged

Is the packaging secure enough that it won't arrive damaged?

Our lights are all delivered in Klarako's special packaging, which is packed with security measures to ensure the light arrives undamaged. We have perfected the necessary level of security after selling more than 100,000 lights!

Does the lamp come with an instruction manual?

Yes, it does! Each light comes with instructions. We also have our own instruction webpage in our help center here