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G-Lamp 3-in-1 LED RGB Night Light

G-Lamp 3-in-1 LED RGB Night Light

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Color : Black

Experience ultimate relaxation with G-Lamp, a visionary smart light and sound solution. Craft your perfect sleep oasis with personalized white noise and gentle sunrise simulation, while enjoying effortless charging and versatile ambiance customization.

  • Blends Japanese Minimalism with Danish Design
  • Popular Amongst 5-Star Hotels like the Hilton, Hyatt, and Ritz-Carlton
  • 90-Day Warranty + Free Shipping

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Benefits / Features

✔️Tranquil Atmosphere for Relaxation
✔️Personalized Sleep Sanctuary
✔️Natural Sunrise Simulation
✔️Versatile Lighting Options
✔️Effortless Wireless Charging
✔️Intelligent Features for Convenience
✔️Elevated Sanctuary Experience


  • Material: ABS PC
  • Bluetooth Audio Power: 5W
  • Product Color: White/Black
  • Lighting Mode: 9 modes
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Transmission Distance: 5-10mm
  • Charging Efficiency: 75%
  • Working Frequency: 50Hz-20kHz
  • Wireless Output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W (Max)
  • Button Battery Capacity: (Not specified)
  • Product Size: 9x3.3x9.13 inches (LxWxH)
  • Functions: Bluetooth Speaker, AUX, TF Card modes

Note: Please keep the device charged at all times for wireless charging functionality. The built-in battery is sufficient only for Bluetooth speaker playback.

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For all customer inquiries, please do not hesitate to submit inquiries on our contact page or visit our help centre to see the commonly asked questions

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High Quality Lamps and It Shows

I've been in the lamp industry for over 25 years so was intrigued to experience Klarako's light quality. I asked for the QC certificate that all lighting manufacturers have to provide. Klarako provided an A* credit, which is the highest proof of quality any manufacturer can give. Once I received the lantern, I found the material and the light to be as advertised

Brett H.
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Adds A Luxurious Atmosphere To Any Room!

The Crystal Lantern really is a marvel of beauty. Even now, after owning two lamps for 6 months, I still get excited for the evening to come so I can turn on the lanterns in my patio!

Jennifer H.
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Trustworthy Brand & Gorgeous Lamps!

I've bought from Klarako a total of 8 different times & each lamp has sufficiently impressed me. My husband and I own a restaurant and have these lights in our home & our establishment.

Charlotte V.H.
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Great Customer Service & Eye-Catching Lamps

Had a problem with my shipping due to living in South Korea and had Kristen sort it out fast. She was efficient with getting my customs code and helping deliver my order promptly. The lanterns came packged nicely and currently sit on my balcony, getting compliments everytime a friend comes over!

Byong Cheol H.

The #1 modern lighting brand

A* Accredited Quality
Free Shipping
Award-Winning Designs
90-Day Warranty
Endosred by 5-Star Hotels like Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, & Four Seasons

Elevate Your Sanctuary with G-Lamp

Experience personalized illumination with G-Lamp's infinite dimming, 16 million colors, and 256 light modes via the HappyLighting APP. Effortlessly adjust your environment to match any mood or occasion with a simple tap on your smartphone.

Meanwhile, G-Lamp's Fast Wireless Charger ensures continuous device power. With its sleek G-shaped design and advanced safety features, stay connected and fully charged all day, seamlessly blending technology and serenity in your sanctuary.

Relax and Sleep Better with Our G-Lamp

Step into serenity with G-Lamp, transforming your evenings into a haven of calm. Bask in its comforting lights, intelligent functions, and wireless charging, ensuring a serene experience like no other.

Take charge of your sleep oasis with G-Lamp's Smart Sound Machine, synchronizing seamlessly with Bluetooth speakers for personalized white noise. Embrace the dawn gently with the Sunrise Wake Up Light, leaving you invigorated and ready to embrace the day ahead.

  • Free shipping

  • 90-Day Risk Free Warranty

  • 24/7 customer service

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it suitable for outdoor use?

No, It's not designed for outdoor use.

Does it run on battery or can it be charged? If chargeable, how long does the charge last?

The device operates on battery power and needs to be charged before using wirelessly. Please maintain its charge for wireless functionality. The built-in battery supports Bluetooth speaker playback only.

When using the speaker function, continuous charging is not necessary, and the playback time is approximately 2-5 hours.

Is it suitable as a reading light?

Yes, it is! Many customers have reviewed our lamp and loved it for reading or as a night light for work.

Is there a timer installed in the lamp?

There is no timer installed. The light turns off when it runs out of battery or when you turn it off.

Can we replace the bulb when it stops working?

No, you can't.

Does it need to be charged in at all times or is it wireless?

It can be used completely wirelessly after it has been charged. It can also be used while charged.

Is the packaging secure enough that it won't arrive damaged?

Our lights are all delivered in Klarako's special packaging, which is packed with security measures to ensure the light arrives undamaged. We have perfected the necessary level of security after selling more than 100,000 lights!

Does the lamp come with an instruction manual?

Yes, it does! Each light comes with instructions. We also have our own instruction webpage in our help center here